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It’s TIP TOP TUESDAY! Time for GRN’s T

December 1, 2015

It’s TIP TOP TUESDAY! Time for GRN’s Tip of Week ~ Asking for a new washing machine for the holidays? Most front-loading washing machines use around a third less water than top-loading washing machines. These high efficient machines can reduce water usage and save money. (

A New Proposed Pipeline? Morris: Opposit

November 27, 2015

A New Proposed Pipeline?

Morris: Opposition to pipeline project building in Georgia, S.C.

“One of the nation’s largest energy companies, Kinder Morgan, wants to build a major petroleum pipeline from South Carolina to Florida, crossing coastal marshes, rivers and hundreds of miles of private property.

The pipeline would allow Kinder Morgan to undercut the prices of its competitors in moving oil from the Gulf Coast to Jacksonville. Most of its 360-mile length would be located in Georgia, which would serve as little more than a pass-through state in getting refined oil products from Point A to Point B.

Confronted with growing opposition, the vice president of public affairs for…”

To read more:

Want to know one great way to protect ou

November 25, 2015

Want to know one great way to protect our Georgia rivers? Become a member of Georgia River Network! By joining and becoming a member, you will be part of our work to protect and restore Georgia’s rivers by:
Engaging Georgians in river protection and restoration through activities like our Paddle Georgia trip, the promotion and development of new Water Trails, and the start-up of new river groups where they are needed.
Empowering Georgia’s network of more than 30 river groups so they can be successful in their local river protection efforts.
Working together with citizens and groups to advocate for strong protections for Georgia’s rivers.
See our website for more information and how to join TODAY :D

BUY LOCAL! Although Georgia River Networ

November 24, 2015


Although Georgia River Network hopes you purchase your holiday gifts from local vendors, artists and organizations (like from GRN’s Holiday sale:, in the event that you do plan on purchasing gifts from ​​, please shop on AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate .05% of the purchase price to Georgia River Network​. Just use the following link when logging in: ​

It’s TIP TOP TUESDAY! Time for GRN’s T

November 24, 2015

It’s TIP TOP TUESDAY! Time for GRN’s Tip of Week ~If you need to burn off your Thanksgiving meal know that The average 125-pound person will burn 300 calories per hour kayaking, while those who weigh closer to 185 pounds can expect to burn as much as 444 calories per hour.–spt.html

Paddle Georgia 2015!! Excerpted from Ado

November 23, 2015

Paddle Georgia 2015!!

Excerpted from Adopt-A-Stream July-Sept Newsletter:

“Paddle Georgia 2015: The Ogeechee River

Ogeechee River Monitoring Results As the AAS monitoring teams paddled down 95 miles of the Ogeechee, we sampled twenty-four sites along the mainstem as well as twelve tributaries that flow into the river. We monitored for AAS’ core chemical parameters (water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity) as well as turbidity and E.coli levels. EPD’s Ambient Monitoring Unit sampled for additional parameters including total hardness and metal concentrations.

A first step to understanding the data is to reference the State of Georgia’s surface water quality standards or recommended levels for certain parameters. You can find these standards online from EPD: We found consistent, expected results for the mainstem throughout the paddle with greater variability in the tributaries. Lead was detected but not at levels that are a cause for concern. More frequent sampling would be welcomed along the Ogeechee to gather a solid base of background levels in this watershed. Contact the Ogeechee Riverkeeper if you are interested!

Thank you to all the paddlers who participated in our volunteer workshop! We had around 35 people learn how to use AAS methods to monitor water chemistry. Also, a big thanks to the trainers and monitoring team for making this such a fun and effective trip! Paddling through the overhanging willows and white sand beaches, we heard many people exclaim, “This is the cleanest river we’ve ever paddled!” After monitoring the 95 mile stretch of the Ogeechee, we can confirm, as we did in the nightly water quality updates—there’s not much to report, and that’s a good thing! Check out the data.”

See photos and full article HERE:

What about rivercane? Native rivercane i

November 21, 2015

What about rivercane?

Native rivercane is nature’s premier green infrastructure. The South River Rivercane Restoration project highlights the importance of river cane to improving water quality in the South River and restoring the habitat of wildlife. For more information, visit South River Watershed Alliance’s new website on rivercane:


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