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TOMORROW: Volunteer for Annual Flint Wat

October 3, 2014

TOMORROW: Volunteer for Annual Flint Watershed Rivers Alive Clean-ups- October 4th
Join Bainbridge Decatur County Keep America Beautiful on Saturday, October 4th at the Boat Basin to clean-up areas around the Flint River. Walkers and boaters meet at 9:15am to sign-in, get t-shirts, trash grabbers and trash bags.

For more information about the Bainbridge-area clean-up, call Suzanne at 229-248-3030
OCT 25th:
Lee County Code Enforcement and Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful are partnering on Saturday, October 25th for the on-going effort in removing trash and debris from the Kinchafoonee, Muckalee, and Flint River. The date was set when Georgia Power has its lake draw down and the waterways are at their lowest. Flint Riverkeeper, Chehaw Park, Flint Riverquarium, Leesburg Police Explorers, Lee County Navy JROTC, and several other groups are in this combined effort to remove as much material from our waterways as possible. There are several different areas for citizen volunteers to consider covering:

Pinewood Road to Hwy #32 West Bridge. (Kinchafoonee Creek) – Longest trip of the event! Bring a snack and plenty of water.
Highway #32 Bridge to Century Road West Bridge. (Kinchafoonee Creek) – Very enjoyable trip. The cave is on this section of the creek.
Century Road West Bridge to the End of Creekside Drive (Kinchafoonee Creek) – This is a popular trip and has the Blueholes and waterfalls on it.

US 19 Bridge to Chehaw Park boat landing (Kinchafoonee Creek) – This is a new section and should have plenty of sites to see as well as areas that need attention particularly in the lake bottom.
Forrester Parkway to Chehaw Park boat landing (Muckalee Creek) – Somewhat of a short run but well worth a trip.

Flint River Dam to Turtle Park (Flint River) – Besides traveling in water craft there will also be volunteers picking up trash along the river walk.
Turtle Park to Marine Base Canal (Flint River) – This is a fun trip and a good section to cover as it has plenty of material that needs to be taken out.

The event will begin at 8:00 a.m. and should be over around 2:00 p.m. While we are on the water cleaning up, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Award Winning Competition Grill Team will be cooking lunch for the group and we will eat at Chehaw Park as people exit the water and arrive. (Pretty darn good food I might add!) Admission to the Rivers Alive cookout area is free. There are some canoes available and will be loaned out on a first come basis. However, if you already have a boat, canoe or kayak, please bring it with you. Trash bags and bottled water will be provided. Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact and register with Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful. You will need to sign a waiver, let them know your t-shirt size, if you need a canoe, what section of a waterway you would like to travel, and if you plan to attend the cookout. If you know of any sites along the waterways that are in need of special attention, i.e., illicit discharges, dumping etc. please contact Jim Wright at Lee County Code Enforcement. If the site is in Dougherty County the information will be passed on to them.

To register and to reserve a canoe/kayak, call Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful at (229) 430-5257.

For more information about Georgia’s Rivers Alive program, click here:

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