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March 4, 2015

It’s WATER TRAIL WEDNESDAY! Time for GRN’s Water Trail Tidbit of the Week~ If you’ve seen our website, you’ve probably noticed us throw around the term ʺEstablished Water Trail,ʺ but what does that mean? Here is a list of criteria a trail must meet to be considered Established:
✴Trail is sponsored, maintained and promoted by a local entity or partnership ✴Publicly accessible areas that paddlers can legally access and safely unload boats and park vehicles
✴River access sites are appropriately spaced apart on the river so that they may be reasonably paddled in a few hours or a full day
✴Depending on the length of the trail, water access to public overnight camping sites
✴Information about the water trail provided to paddlers through a website and maps created by the sponsoring entity Signage/ kiosks placed at all water trail access points that include: river etiquette information, paddling safety information, and a map of the water trail.
Visit our website to find out more information on Georgia’s 14 Established Water Trails:

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