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Get to know the staff at Georgia River N

July 15, 2015

Get to know the staff at Georgia River Network! This round’s Staff Highlight is: Debra Long!

“Hi! I’m Debra Long, GRN’s Administrative Assistant and the one you usually speak with when you call our office. As most of you know, Admin Assistants do a wide range of things and are, therefore, thought of as the catch-all person in the office. I would agree! I love this, though, because it keeps my job from becoming boring. To give you an idea of what I am doing here at GRN to support the work we do to empower you to protect/restore/enjoy Georgia’s river, keep reading.

If you didn’t already know, we have a state-wide calendar of events on our website ( I post those events! In addition to assisting with the maintenance of our main website, I help maintain GRN’s other websites – the Georgia Water Trail Clearinghouse and Paddle Georgia websites. There are also other areas in which I am active within our communication efforts, which include assistance with social media postings, video creation, and editing of our e-newsletters and event emails. If you donate to our Canoe-a-thon, know I most likely printed your thank you letter. If you sign up for a GRN event, know I developed the registration site by which you signed up, which means I am also the one you generally communicate with when a registration need arises. I also assist in the maintenance of your contact information in our database and list serve. If you become a new member, I am the one who welcomes you to the GRN family. If your membership lapses, I am the one who reaches out to say we want to keep you in the family. Because GRN serves on the leadership team for GWC and has been tasked with leading GWC communications, I also maintain the GWC’s list serve, website and Facebook page. In case you haven’t noticed, GRN and GWC are both in the news a good bit. I track these media hits. The last couple years I have overseen our GRN/Turner Re-grant Program, which re-grants funding received from the Turner Foundation to river groups across Georgia. If you have attended our annual Weekend for Rivers dinner party the last couple years, know I organized the silent auction. I also launched our first online auction last year with great success. If you donated or purchased anything from either of these auctions, THANK YOU! Lastly, you may also occasionally see me at a small GRN event, but I always work during Paddle Georgia. So, if you are coming on Paddle Georgia this year, stop by and say hi! I love getting the chance to put a face with a name I have looked at a thousand times as a result of managing Paddle Georgia registrations.”

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