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The General Assembly is now entering the

January 26, 2016

The General Assembly is now entering the third week (Day 10) of the 40-day 2016 session. The Georgia Water Coalition has prioritized Senate Bill 36 and the protection of Georgia’s Streams and Property Rights.

SB 36 ensures the protection of Georgia’s pristine, underground water supply from contamination. This groundwater is essential to the local economy by irrigating crops, running industries, and providing drinking water for residential homes and businesses. SB 36 passed the Senate in 2015 and is currently waiting to be heard by the House of Representatives’ Natural Resources & Environmental Committee.

In accordance with the Erosion and Sedimentation Act, all of Georgia’s waterways are supposed to be protected by a 25-foot buffer in order to keep water clean, protect habitat for fish and wildlife, and prevent damage to stream-side property. However, recently the Georgia Supreme Court limited the methods to determine stream side protection zones to a single, narrow test: buffers are to be measured only from the point of “wrested vegetation.”

For more information on how to take action and get involved, go to…

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