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Wetland Workshop

July 2, 2016
Hey wetland lovers! Henry County Stormwater Management is hosting a Wetland Construction/Restoration Workshop July 12th through the 14th!
This hands-on restoration workshop is designed for individuals interested in learning how to use practical, low cost techniques for building attractive wetlands for managing stormwater. Attendees will discover how to select locations for building wetlands, test soil texture, choose appropriate construction techniques, work with heavy equipment operators, and establish native flowering plants.
Throughout the three-day workshop you will help build TWO naturally appearing and functioning wetlands to manage stormwater and provide habitat for wildlife! You’ll learn how to design and build wetlands for managing stormwater, improving wildlife and fish habitat, and repairing poor functioning and unattractive ponds
Primary instructor Tom Biebighauser has restored over 1,800 wetlands in 22-States, Canada, and New Zealand. He’s written four books about building wetlands. You can view some of the wetlands he has built by visiting:
Registration includes 3 day workshop, a copy of Tom Biebighauser’s book “Wetland Restoration and Construction-A Technical Guide”, lunch (all three days), and transportation from meeting site to construction site and other sites visited. 
Henry County Stormwater
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