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Water Management Tips for the Summer!

July 25, 2016
Summer is here, temperatures are rising, and you are probably thinking more about lawn care and home improvement projects. Keep in mind some best practices when managing your water and stormwater this summer.
Car washing – Consider washing your car in your yard instead of in your driveway. This lets the soapy, dirty water absorb into the ground instead of going down the storm drain.
Garden care – Install a rain barrel to save water and keep your plants looking good.
Lawn maintenance – Make sure to properly bag your lawn clippings for leaf and limb pickup. Pull weeds by hand instead of using herbicides.
Composting – Start using compost in your garden as a supplement to store-bought soils or fertilizer. Compost is nutritious for plants, reduces food waste, and reduces stormwater runoff by absorbing more water than most clay-heavy soils.
No dumping anything down the storm drain – Properly dispose of household hazardous wastes, including paint and oil. Both can be recycled at your local CHaRM Center (Center for Hard to Recycle Materials’).
Use these tips, and help conserve more water!
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