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Imagine a Day Without Water!

September 2, 2016

~ Could you Imagine a Day WITHOUT Water? September 15th will be Imagine a Day Without Water! ~

As Imagine a Day Without Water gets closer Georgia River Network wanted to share some of the exciting ways organizations from around the country are participating in the day of advocacy and education. If you have not yet signed up or finalized your plans for the day, hopefully these fantastic events will inspire your organization to get involved.

Philadelphia Water is hosting an event with the city’s PHS : Pennsylvania Horticultural Society featuring a specialty brew to highlight the value of water.

Albuquerque Water Utility Authority is holding a rain barrel giveaway for those who pledge to go an hour without water.

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management is holding a naming contest for its new tunnel boring machine (Driller Mike, a nod to local rapper Killer Mike, is currently in the lead).

WateReuse Association is hosting a beer tasting event at the 31st Annual WateReuse Symposium in Tampa.

So what can YOU do?

In addition to hosting an event like some of those listed above, your organization can always support Imagine a Day Without Water online. Please consider signing this petition calling on public officials to prioritize investment in water infrastructure and urging others to do the same by registering your social media accounts with the Thunderclap.

You can also find social media resources on the Imagine a Day Without Water site, including suggested posts and graphics sized for Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions about participating, please contact

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