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Check out how, Georgia River Network is making impacts in communities and for our rivers!

December 15, 2016

Check out how, Georgia River Network is making impacts in communities and for our rivers!

The Contributions made by Gwyneth Moody, GRN’s Director of Programs and Outreach, assisting with the development of Broad River Water Trail were highlighted recently in the Madison Journal article covering the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the newest public access ‘Briar’s Landing’:

“Ribbon Cutting Held for Briar’s Landing”
Monday, December 12, 2016

Madison County gained its first canoe launch along the Broad River last week. Located at the expansive bridge that divides Madison and Elbert counties along Hwy. 72, the canoe launch was a dream for many and a labor of love for one man in particular.

The launch was dubbed “Briar’s Landing” in honor and in memory of Oglethorpe teen Briar Newsome, who loved to spend time canoeing on the river with his dad.

And it was his dad, Terry Newsome, who works for a granite company in Elberton, who carved the granite memorial for his son, a task that took him 27 hours to complete, according to Broad River Watershed Association board member Victor Johnson.

Gwyneth Moody, of the Georgia River Network, provided guidance and information on the development of a water trail and on building a canoe launch, and helped train the BRWA water trail committee as they were getting organized in recent years, according to Johnson.

He said Moody also developed most of the materials BRWA used to obtain resolutions of support from Madison, Oglethorpe, Wilkes, and Elbert Counties, as well as educational materials to help folks learn about the water trail movement.

Moody also put BRWA in touch with the The RiverviewFoundation , and board member Mary Freeman and other board members submitted a grant request that netted a $35,000 grant from the Foundation to put a public canoe launch on the Broad River.

Read the full article:


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