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Georgia Water Coalition Legislative Update!!

January 18, 2017
Georgia Water Coalition Legislative Update!!

On Thursday, January 12, the first week of the General Assembly’s 2017 session came to a close. This week, the General Assembly will not take-up or consider any legislation, and will only work on the FY2018 Budget. The General Assembly has now convened for 4 days of the 40-day session, and legislators will return to regular business on Monday, January 23 (Day 5). A calendar for the first twelve days can be found here.

The Georgia Water Coalition is working on a number of issues during the 2017 session, including:
Addressing Uncertainty Surrounding Stream Buffer Protections
This year, the Coalition is continuing its intensive efforts to reestablish buffer protections on all state waters, after this vital water quality protection was limited by a 2015 Georgia Supreme Court decision. The Coalition is working with legislators on a simple, logical fix to ensure buffer protections everywhere.
GWC Contact: Chris Manganiello,

Ensuring Safe, Secure Disposal and Storage of Coal Ash Waste

The GWC is also working to address the huge volumes of coal ash waste stored at Georgia Power plants across the state. EPD has written new rules regulating the long-term storage of this waste stream at the power plants or local landfills. The GWC partner organizations are dedicated to ensuring that this waste is disposed of in a way that keeps it out of nearby rivers and streams and from contaminating groundwater at properties around the sites.

GWC Contact: Emily Kurilla,

GWC has a new website!
The Coalition has launched a new website in 2017!
Please explore the site to learn more about Georgia Water Coalitions work and upcoming events.

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