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World Water Day!

March 22, 2017

Its World Water Day! World Water Day is all about taking action to defeat the water crisis.

Water Keeper Alliance is a global movement uniting more than 300 Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates around the world, focusing citizen advocacy on issues that affect our waterways, from pollution to climate change.

Rising Appalachia Music has been working with Mississippi River, Gulf, and Klamath water protectors for years and have branched out to form alliance with Waterkeepers around the world working towards preserving drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere.

Rivermouth is a love song, both human and elemental. The depths of the human heart and the force of a river are wild and unchartered at their core… best given room to swell and stretch with the tides and seasons. This song speaks to that liquid longing in all of us. The raging storms. The playful meandering of a cold river on a hot day. The girth and power of fresh water meeting ocean. The subtle beauty of letting a loved one ebb and flow without restraint. Of letting ourrivers do the same.

You can watch the video here:…/

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